Meet Me

I’m Sandy, and I’m a mom of two amazing girls, and the wife of an equally amazing Navy veteran. At age 3 my oldest daughter was diagnosed with asthma, and at age 15 we found out she had cystic fibrosis. chronic illness is very stressful for a family. A couple of years ago our youngest daughter was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety.

First let me say that I am a strong believer in modern medicine. I believe that it has a place in our society, and has the power to make our lives better. I also believe in the power of nature, and that the two can work together to complement each other. I’m not a doctor, or a nurse, or a medical expert. I’m simply a mom of some pretty incredible medically complex teenagers.

Join me as we learn together about the thousands of uses of essential oil’s. From diffusing them, to rolling them, to using them from the bathroom to the kitchen. There’s so much to learn, and hopefully we can teach each other.

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