Simply Vanilla

What do you think about when you think vanilla? Maybe your thinking about a yummy vanilla cake, or a candle burning in the kitchen. The thoughts and smells of vanilla are associated with warmth and comfort. That is why you find Vanilla in so many of our Young Living products, including my personal favorite, Stress Away Essential Oil Blend. It is the oil that you will always find with me. In my car or at my desk, and next to my bed for nights my brain won’t shut down.

Sandy’s Tips & Tricks:

  • When you have a headache use your Stress Away Roller to apply directly to your temples.
  • Check with your vet, and then apply a couple of drops on your dogs bed to help them relax. This works great during fireworks season.
  • Apply to your wrists and the back of your neck to help calm you during the day.
  • Add 5 drops to your bath time routine for the relaxing end of the day. You can go up to 10, but start low until you find your perfect amount
  • Diffuse It! I prefer 5 drops of stress away and 5 drops of lavender in my diffuser. Essential oils generate personal responses so play around until you find the best mix for you.

Topical Usage: Stress Away can be applied directly to the skin. I recommend the Stress Away Roller for ease of application.

Diffuse: Stress Away is an essential oil that you can diffuse all day, and that will have positive impacts on all members of your family. Also, apply to a cotton ball, place in your car vent, and relax during that rush hour traffic.

Essential Oil Blends: Lime, Vanilla, Lavender, and More!

Additional information is available on my Young Living page. Access the information via the Shop Now Link.

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