Why Young Living

There are literally hundreds of places you can go to buy an essential oil. You can find people blending oils and selling them on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace. You can google essential oils, and find any number of experts willing to sell you a magic blend guaranteed to heal what hurts. You can even go to Amazon and find “name brand” oils at EXTREME discounts. As a special needs mom I know that you need to dig a little deeper to see the big picture.

First it was important to me to understand how my oils were made and where they come from. This is very important, because you are applying oils to your body, inhaling them into your lungs, and sometimes even adding them to your food. I could not trust a home blend or a self taught supplier to obtain my oils from, because if I wasn’t buying from a trusted source how could I ensure that I could trust the ingredients. Young Living produces their ingredients through farms across the world. That helped ease my sourcing fears, and provided a comfort in knowing where the ingredients were coming from.

Young Living farms stand apart in the essential oils industry and set the standard for planting, growing, harvesting, distilling, and producing essential oils. That’s why our essential oil farms play such an integral role in our Seed to Seal® quality commitment, which commits us to providing pure, potent essential oils to homes across the world. We’ve invested unprecedented time and resources to ensure that our quality standards are prioritized at each of our corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers, so your home and family gets the very best nature has to offer.


Second it was important to me to have people that I could rely upon to answer my questions and teach me about oils. During our journey of researching oils I met a wonderful Young Living Member named Allie who was very willing to share her experiences from helping your kids sleep to cleaning your fruit with oils. For two years I followed Allie, asked questions, and learned. It took over a year for me to even make my first purchase. Allie shared her knowledge freely and was a tremendous resource for me. This blog that I am writing is my way to pay that knowledge forward.

Third and tremendously important were ingredients. My family takes a lot of prescription medications, and essential oils can interact with medications. In order to protect my family from any interaction I have to be sure I know what is in the oil. I can’t be sure of that with homemade oils. Animals are also sensitive to oils, and there are some oils that animals can not metabolize. With two rabbits and two dogs I need to ensure that what I am diffusing is not harmful to my pets.

Essential oils are not a medicine, and they can effect people differently. I like that Young Living always recommends that you address concerns with your health care provider if you have them, and never makes any guarantees that it magically cures anything. All of us have a unique body chemistry. Lexi and I love the smell of Lavender, but my youngest daughter hates it. We want to share information on different oils, their uses, and how they may help. Understanding that, like us, each person should use those oils that they feel most comfortable using.

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