Diffuse It

Are you new to essential oils, and trying to decide if you make the leap into diffusing? Or are you a diffusing expert with a diffuser in every room of your house? If your the expert email me, because I’d love some of your favorite recipes! There are hundreds of diffusers out there, so how do you know what diffuser to buy?

Desert Mist Diffuser

The Desert Mist Diffuser is the most used diffuser in my home. I keep it in my master bathroom, and it is the perfect night and bath diffuser. I enjoy this particular diffuser because it has high, low, and intermittent settings, as well as multiple color choices. If I’m taking a bath its great to turn off the lights and relax to the glow, and it gives a soft glow to the bathroom that makes a perfect nightlight. The funny thing is, this diffuser would probably drive me crazy in any other room of my house, but my daughter loves the light changing option to go with all of the other string lights in her bedroom. Diffusers are a personal choice, so don’t ever pick a diffuser because someone else tells you that you need it.

Diffuser Love from Amazon

My second favorite diffuser is in my home office. This little gem came from Amazon, and I don’t even think I paid $20 for it. I diffuse DiGize when I’m working, and that particular oil you are not supposed to diffuse all day. I love the remote option with this diffuser. I turn it on the intermittent setting and let it run for about 10 minutes several times through the day. It’s my favorite de-stress oil for work, and the small little diffuser is perfect for the size of my office. Also with the remote I can be on a stressful work call, hit the button for just a few recharging boosts, and turn it off without ever moving from my laptop.

When I decided to write this blog I wanted to research the most recommended diffusers available. Every article I found linked the diffusers, and since that means the writer probably was receiving a commission, I wasn’t sure who to trust. If you have a favorite diffuser I’d love if you emailed me the information, so as a community we can begin an inventory of our favorites. The one common theme in all the articles I read was that you can get a good diffuser from just about anywhere. Amazon has a huge selection of diffusers, and I always recommend you start your search with the 4 star options only. Even Walmart and Target have diffusers, and of course there are companies that have some very fancy diffusers online if you want to spend hundreds of dollars.

As you can see there are great diffusers everywhere. It’s all about personal preference. If you are ever interested in being a Young Living Member you can pick out a Young Living Diffuser when you enroll. Note, there is not purchasing requirements for being a YL Member, but you do get discounts on your purchases. Membership doesn’t mean distributorship. To learn more click the shop now button on the top of the blog, and look for the enroll with me link at the top of the YL page.

Below are the things I would consider when picking out your personal diffuser.

  • What oils are you going to be diffusing? A small diffuser is good for oils you run for a short time, however larger capacity is needed if running for hours.
  • How big is the room where your diffuser will be? There are large space diffusers and small space diffusers so make sure you keep that in mind.
  • What look are you going for? Just as I like a glowing diffuser for my bathroom, but a simple diffuser for my office, decide where your going to put your diffuser and what vibe your going for.
  • Remember that a diffuser is only as good as the oils you put in it. If you have bad oils your going to have a bad diffusing experience.

If your just making the leap to diffusing I hope you have gained a little more information. If your a diffusing expert share your tips and tricks with the rest of us. Either way be sure to follow the blog, and until next time thank you for following!

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