Making Essential oils affordable

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Are you new to oils and trying to figure out how to do it on a budget? We absolutely understand that struggle. When shopping for oils quality is important, and sometimes that comes at an extra cost. However there are ways to significantly reduce the cost, but still create a supply of oils to have on hand for you and your family. This blog is going to be a mix of the pros and cons of getting a membership, as well as an introduction to four low and moderately priced memberships that we’ve designed for our followers.

We joined Young Living because of the support of an amazing sponsor, who was encouraged by Lexi’s story and wanted to help her find oils to improve her quality of life. Like many people, the more we used them the more we loved them. What I can appreciate after having joined Young Living, and having sold other products before, Young Living truly provides a membership and not a poorly vailed scheme to get you to sell things. Yes, as a family we have made the decision to offer products to sell, but that is because Lexi enjoys oils and is trying to find her way in the world.

The Desert Mist Diffuser Package was Lexi’s Membership Package. At $165 her package provided her a diffuser, 12 oils, and a variety of sample products.

When I first looked at the membership program I was overwhelmed by the signup process. Picking what level I wanted to join at seemed like a lot, but I quickly realized that the package you choose has absolutely nothing to do with your overall membership. It simply means how much do you want to invest on day one. Understanding that our friends and followers probably aren’t wanting to invest hundreds of dollars in a membership, Lexi and I have designed a starter program really targeted at what we know people might be looking for. That link will be at the bottom of the blog.

The perfect starter package, we are happy to introduce a $35 membership choice. This economical membership provides you a sample of many Young Living products, gives you all of the future membership benefits, and is at a price most everyone can afford.

Yes membership has it’s benefits, and the primary benefits that you are going to take advantage of are free shipping and 24% off. As soon as you become a member you will enjoy a 24% discount, have access to products not available for purchase by nonmembers, and can access additional special incentives. Even if you are only buying a couple oils a month that can add up month over month. Each month when you place an order over 100 points you will also get free shipping. You do get free products and extra benefits when you place a 100 point order each month, but if you don’t place the order there aren’t any penalties and you aren’t at risk for loosing your membership. The order is called your essential rewards. You schedule it each month and pick your delivery day. You can change what you order every month, and you can change your shipment date or cancel it anytime. While researching our customized options, we provided you with a sample essential order, that is full of what we use almost everyday.

More and more we have an increased awareness of the products that we are using in our homes, and Thieves is well known for being a safe alternative to many of the harsh products of the past. The price of products for our homes can be very expensive, and at $125 our Thieves bundle is a very reasonable membership starter for those focused on home and family.

For our local friends and family when I post that I’m placing an order on X day of the month and that if you want to add to our order there will be no shipping that’s how we do it. We are adding your order to our essential order. We also waive the taxes as a thank you to deciding to order with us. If we run a special and have enough local buyers that is also when we offer free shipping, because we are combining orders and if we aren’t paying shipping you shouldn’t either. If we place individual orders for you, or if you are too far for pickup or delivery, there is always a shipping charge. Individual orders will usually be for large orders, or items at risk for selling out where we would not encourage you to wait a week or two.

Many of us will spend money on our kids before we spend money on ourselves, and all of us worry about the quality of products we use for our children. This package is designed for the little ones in our lives. A diffuser and five oils designed specifically for the young people in our lives, is the fourth option we have placed in our membership selections.

The primary benefit for the traditional oil user is the 24% discount. If you enjoy oils, and sustain an order of over 100 points either personally or combined with others, the free shipping and free products are also going to be tremendous incentives. If your a random oil buyer, or even have a $20 or $30 oil per month budget then a membership probably makes no sense for you. Your much better off to place an order, and if your local to us wait for our monthly orders and enjoy our benefit of free shipping.

We are a special needs family, and oils have fundamentally been life improving for us. We continue to grow and expand to learn more of the hundreds of oils available, their uses, how to blend them, and more. We enjoy sharing that with all of you and appreciate your support of our little family blog and business. No matter if you are a paying customer, a supportive friend, or an engaged blog follower we appreciate you. We will continue to be here to answer questions, share what we learned, fulfill your essential orders, and sponsor your membership if that is the journey you pick.

Below is a link to the membership options we reviewed above. There are more options out there and we have provided two links. If after thinking about all things you decide that a membership is right for you, look at both and see what best fits your needs. We are here to answer any questions. If you do choose to become a Young Living Member, please consider allowing us to sponsor your membership through the links below. As sponsors there are additional benefits that we receive, and your support is greatly appreciated. If you have questions about sponsorships, and what additional support we provide don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your support, and if you have a topic you would like us to blog about just ask!

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