Blends for the Season v1 Sugar Plum Fairy

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Christmas is a time of sentimental traditions and happy memories. Like many of you we won’t be celebrating the same ways this year. Public celebrations, and large family gatherings are temporarily on hold this year. This is one reason we are focusing on introducing you to blends that can bring the spirit of the holidays into your home, and possibly trigger those happy memories of years past. Tonight’s post is the first in a series of posts we will do over the coming week. We recommend that you order any oils you would like for the holidays by December 8th.

Sugar Plum Fairy

If you come to our home you will most certainly smell the festive scent of Sugar Plum Fairy. Lexi diffuses it, and recommends it, at every opportunity that she has. It is a classic blend of familiar holiday blends, and a pleasing scent for most everyone.

YL: Peppermint essential oil provides a familiar, recognizable scent, but Peppermint is so much more than simply a nostalgic, fresh aroma. This oil can be diffused to create a stimulating, focused atmosphere for daily tasks. You can also apply it topically to create a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, which can be very soothing after hard physical activity. We recommend using Peppermint aromatically or topically any time you want to add a pleasant variety to your routine.

YL: Orange essential oil has a sweet, bright aroma reminiscent of a blossoming orchard of orange trees. Start your day with an uplifting burst of liquid sunshine by diffusing Orange as you get ready in the morning. With just a few drops, you can fill any space with a sense of peace, harmony, and creativity. Orange is delightful on its own, and you can also combine it with complementary oils such as Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Neroli, and Patchouli.

YL : Cinnamon Bark essential oil’s warm and comforting aroma exudes a familiar scent from the naturally occurring constituent cinnamaldehyde. Cinnamon Bark plays an integral role in our proprietary, top-selling Thieves® essential oil blend, where it is combined with Clove, Lemon, and other essential oils for a signature aroma. There’s no doubt that Cinnamon Bark is a favorite during the winter season, as its sweet and spicy scent evokes memories of the holidays. For a festive note, diffuse Cinnamon Bark with Clove, Frankincense, Nutmeg, Orange, or Tangerine. Cinnamon Bark can also be applied topically if diluted properly to avoid skin irritation.

In the spirit of the holidays, we are also selling pre-blended room sprays and rollers. Sprays and rollers are each custom blended, carefully measured, and delivered in UV ray protecting amber bottles. Giving you all the benefits of the festive scent without the need to blend yourself or purchase oils separately. Sprays and Rollers are available directly from All About Health and Oils. Message us, comment, or email to claim yours today.

Happy Holidays and please let us know how we can support your essential oil needs.

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