Blends for the Season v3 FAMILY VACATION

Christmas is a time of sentimental traditions and happy memories. We are focusing on introducing you to blends that can bring the spirit of the holidays into your home, and possibly trigger those happy memories of years past. Today’s post is the third in our Blends For The Season series. We recommend that you order any oils you would like for the holidays by December 8th.

Clearly Cousin Eddie had zero stress, so why shouldn’t you be as chill? Who hasn’t watched the classic holiday movie Family Vacation? Peace & Calming can help you relax even with your craziest relatives, while the festive scent of Christmas Spirit reminds you to find joy in the moment.

YL: Peace & Calming® is a gentle, sweet blend of Blue Tansy, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang and is one of Young Living’s most popular essential oil blends. With a calming, sweet aroma, this blend is one you’ll love using during your children’s bedtime and for yourself after the house has settled down.

YL: With some of our most popular Christmas essential oils, Christmas Spirit™ taps into the happiness, joy, and comfort associated with the holiday season. It combines Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce to create a warm, spicy, and sweet Christmas essential oil blend that’s sure to be loved by everyone in the family. 

Thanks to its familiar notes and timeless aroma, Christmas Spirit essential oil blend helps evoke feelings and memories tied to the joy of Christmas and simpler, more peaceful moments. It’s a great gift for the holidays, and it can easily become an important part of your family traditions. Diffuse it during the holidays and winter months to help children, family, and friends reminisce over the past and create new memories for the future.

In the spirit of the holidays, we are also selling pre-blended room sprays and rollers. Sprays and rollers are each custom blended, carefully measured, and delivered in UV ray protecting amber bottles. Giving you all the benefits of the festive scent without the need to blend yourself or purchase oils separately. Sprays and Rollers are available directly from All About Health and Oils. Message us, comment, or email to claim yours today.

Happy Holidays and please let us know how we can support your essential oil needs.

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