Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This romantic oil comes to you from the flowers of Ecuador and Madagascar. Affectionately known as the love oil, it is a romantic blend that is often found in many perfumes. Besides just being romantic, it also has an abundance of practical applications also.

Ylang Ylang

YL: Ylang Ylang essential oil has a sweet, romantic aroma and moisturizing properties, making it a key ingredient in many luxury skin and hair products. Ylang Ylang is often classified as a heart note because it emerges just as the top notes begin to dissipate.

Everyone in your home will benefit from diffusing Ylang Ylang with its positive impacts on boosting your mood and reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. Even the happiest amongst us has a bad day every once in a while. The oil is also been shown to decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure, two things that are often associated with high anxiety.

Before the advent of modern medicine, history shows this oil being used to treat asthma and pneumonia. Indicating that people have always found uses for this pleasing and therapeutic oil. Records also show people using this oil to treat stomach ailments, headaches, and even gout. We know that throughout history individuals have found ways to treat the ailments of their people, and often those came from the flowers and plants in their immediate area.

Add Ylang Ylang to your essential oil collection, and begin adding a drop or two to your favorite lotions and moisturizers. Enjoy it’s healing and moisturizing properties, along with the therapeutic benefits to your mind and spirit. Add a drop or more to your diffuser, and create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere to your home.

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