How Do I Use Essential Oils?

This is essential oil’s 101. There are so many oils that it can seem very complicated. So why bother? Well if you’re reading, you’re at least curious. So here’s a very general answer from Young Living, and then we will dive deeper.

From YL: I’m new to essential oils. How are they used? –There are three basic ways to use essential oils (EO): topically (applied to the skin), orally (ingested by mouth), and as aromatherapy (directly inhaled or diffused). Each bottle of Young Living essential oil is labeled with directions for how that oil can be used, and these directions vary based on location. For example, Neroli and Jasmine are labeled for topically or aromatic use only, while Peppermint is labeled for oral use in the United States.

First I want to dive into ingesting oils. Never ingest anything into your body, that you aren’t sure is supposed to be there. Young Living does have a line of products that are ingestible. And if you are ready to take this leap into ingestible oils I am happy to share more with you. Our vitality line is designed to ingest, add to your water, cook with, and serve multiple purposes. Ensure that you’re using the right oils. Please don’t assume that our entire oil line is ingestible. Your health matters to us. I’m guessing if you’re new to oils, you might not be ready to start ingesting them, so let’s talk a little more general.

For most of us our primary oil usage will be diffusing or applying topically. If you’re new to applying oils topically I always recommend you began with a roller. Young Living has rollers for anxiety, respiration, and more. Having an anxiety roller in your bag during periods of high stress can be extremely helpful. A roller creates a blend of oils that work well together, and puts them into a roller bottle for easy application. Below are links to learn more about some of my favorite Young Living rollers. I recommend Peace and Calming, Stress Away, and Breathe Again as great starter options. If you are interested in a roller that is sold out please message me, and I will let you know when it is back in stock.

If you followed me for long, you know that I am a huge fan of diffusing. I believe that diffusing oils can positively change your entire environment. It’s a wonderful way to improve the well-being of your family, and also a great way to celebrate holidays. If you’re new to diffusing lavender is really considered a gateway oil. Most everyone you speak with that uses oils will have at least one bottle in their cabinet, and probably more. We currently have three in our house. Lavender is a great oil for everyone in your house to aid in sleep and relaxation. Diffusing oils is a personal experience. By that I mean what are you trying to accomplish by refusing? Are you simply trying to bring in the holidays with a festive smell, or are you looking at oils to fundamentally improve overall health and environment? Once you’re able to answer this question, I am able to help you discover oils that might be right for you. So what do I diffuse?

I diffuse a lot of holiday blends, and in the next couple of weeks I will be sharing several love recommendations as we head into February. I also have my go to oils that hang out next to the many diffusers around my home. Here’s a peek at my favorite diffuser blends. My day to day blends keep it simple. You can ring hundreds of blend recommendations online, or just ask me!

If you are interested in applying oils topically, I would like to hear more about what benefits you are seeking. Understanding what your personal needs are, helps me guide you to oils that provide those benefits. I always recommend that you start small. If applying oils start with a drop. If you are diffusing oils start with two drops. This ensures you don’t over use an oil, and also will highlight any personal allergies you might unknowingly have.

More questions? Like and follow this blog as I dive into more of Young Livings most frequently asked questions.

Please let me know how I can support your essential oil needs. If you would like to purchase oils the links below can help Gide you, or message me to discuss.

How Long Do ESSENTIAL Oils Last?

This is a common question, and often something to consider when you’re buying oils for seasonal blends. Lexi loves creating blends that go with the season. Our house has smelled like Christmas for a month, and now we’re diving into new love blends for Valentine’s Day. So what’s the answer to the question?

From YL: Young Living’s essential oils do not expire and will maintain their integrity, efficacy, and beneficial properties virtually indefinitely, provided they are stored properly in a dark-glass bottle, upright and tightly sealed, out of sunlight, and in cool temperatures.

Hopefully that brings you comfort that your investment will last. We understand that essential oils are an investment. An investment in your health, and an investment in your home. As I write this I am diffusing Lavender and Peace and Calming. As you begin to explore more oils you may also find your favorites. As we work with you, and learn your preferences, we can also best customize recommendations based on prior sense and blends that you’ve loved. Some oils you will use often and preserving them won’t be an issue. Others you may only use at certain times of the year. So how do you protect your investment?

When you purchase an essential oil, and open it, you might at first find it frustrating the very slow drip rate of the oil from the bottle. However, that’s on purpose. That plastic filment protects the oil from mixing with the air, protects the integrity of the oil, and helps preserve the quality of the oils. So don’t remove that magical little piece, and make sure you keep your lids on tight.

Young living oil‘s are organic, and of the purest quality when they come to you. Another necessary way to protect your investment is by keeping them cool and shaded. Essential oils really like to be in a drawer, or even in a closet. You’ll find some beautiful shelves to display your oils, but your oils are pretty shy and would rather stay in hiding. That means don’t leave them in the car. Oils aren’t meant to be baked in the sun, or frozen in the cold. Freezing or heating any substance can change its composition.

I hope that you learned something today, about protecting your investment in essential oil‘s. When you proudly display your oil collection, just make sure it’s on a shaded wall, and not being fried by the summer sun. Please let us know if we can answer any specific oil questions, and tune in tomorrow for another frequently asked question and answer regarding young living essential oil‘s.

Happy New Year and please let us know how we can support your essential oil needs.


Happy New Year! I’m guessing this New Years Eve might look very different for a lot of people. Collectively we are living through times that historians will write books about. I’m choosing to look forward, and choose hope. My words for 2021 are Serenity and Perserverance.

  • Serenity – the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
  • Perseverance – continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition

I know that there will be challenges in 2021, but I hope to be a source of peace for my community. I tend to outwardly exude positivity, while inwardly breeding anxiety. By choosing serenity as a focus for 2021 I hope to constantly remind myself, empower myself, to take a deep breath and not contribute to the craziness around me. In also selected perseverance, I’m acknowledging that things may not be easy in 2021. Through this acknowledgment I give myself permission to have bad days, but not get trapped by those bad emotions.

2020 taught us all that we are directly responsible for our health and well being. I spent the first half of 2020 in fear of COVID and it’s impacts. I spent the later half of 2020 taking control of my emotions, and refusing to carry the burdens of the world. I enter 2021 feeling empowered. I have bad days. I have hard days. I let myself feel those emotions, but I’m empowering myself with tools to cope in the difficult days.

Essential Oils have become a tool for my family in contributing to our mental and physical health. I know understand that there is nothing magical that will fix my bad days, but there are things I can do to make each day a little easier. There are things that I can do to help before simply taking more medications. These things are important to me, and I want to stay on this journey in 2021. So for January I will be launching Essential Oils 101. Each blog will focus on Young Livings most frequently asked questions. So follow along, like each post, and ask questions. It’s free and maybe together we will gain tools to conquer 2021.

Happy New Year and please let us know how we can support your essential oil needs.